Can PTSD Get Better?

There is a common misconception that trauma stays with you forever—this is NOT true! Specialists in trauma resolution have developed revolutionary methods that have proven to be highly effective in eliminating the underlying roots of trauma. These methods focus on replacing negative emotions with positive feelings, thus eliminating the pain. (See TREATMENTS for effective methods of treating PTSD)

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How Common is PTSD?

Statistically, approximately 7-8% of people in the United States will develop PTSD in their lifetime, with a higher occurrence in combat veterans and rape victims, ranging from 10% to as high as 30%.

While available statistics are only based on those who are clinically diagnosed, there are many more cases of PTSD which have not been reported or properly diagnosed. Experts believe that at any one time in the United States there are an estimated 5 million people who suffer from PTSD. Many people currently being treated for anxiety or depression may actually be suffering from PTSD. If diagnosed as PTSD and treated with an effective therapy method, these people could overcome those negative feelings and behavior and dramatically improve their lives.

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